I am Chris KLASOVA. I have accompanied many people for more than 10 years in their professional but also personal lifes.


Today, we are so busy that managing everyday our life becomes difficult. Too many notifications, messages, emails on our phones, digital is not the solution.


If aging is an irreversible process, it is now proving that our brain retains its ability to make neurons throughout its life. On the other hand, brain health is above all a question of regular exercise.


So I decided to share with you a whole series of practical notebooks and games that I have developed to save your brains.


Dad of a child in a wheelchair following a premature birth, I decided that all the money raised would be used to finance alternative therapies to help brain-damaged children.


For example, right now we're working on developing neurofeedback and hyperbaric therapies for children. My son is one of the witnesses who proves that it works.



   Save your Brain





Harder than SUDOKU

Better for your Brain

NAZO is coming soon